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William J. Burns Named Next Carnegie President

press release

Ambassador William J. Burns, U.S. deputy secretary of state, will be Carnegie’s ninth president in its 105-year history. Jessica T. Mathews will step down after 18 years in the post.


U.S.-Arab Counterterrorism Cooperation in a Region Ripe for Extremism


Many Arab governments are fueling the very extremism they purport to fight and looking for U.S. cover. Washington should play the long game.


Is There an Answer for Syria?

Jessica Tuchman Mathews
New York Review of Books

The rapid rise of the Islamic State means core assumptions driving policy on Syria must be rethought.


Egypt’s Repression of Civic Activists is a Serious Mistake

Thomas Carothers
Washington Post

Washington’s policy toward Egypt suffers from a persistent underestimation of the negative impact that undemocratic Egyptian politics have on U.S. interests.


Russian-Turkish Cooperation in a Turbulent Neighborhood

Working Group on Russian-Turkish Cooperation

A high-level working group on Russian-Turkish regional cooperation sketches out a forward-looking approach to tackling shared challenges. | Русский


Is Libya a Proxy War?

Frederic Wehrey
Washington Post

Outside powers are engaged in a divisive and consequential war of narratives in Libya.


Accountability, Transparency, Participation, and Inclusion: A New Development Consensus?

Thomas Carothers, Saskia Brechenmacher

The apparent consensus in international aid circles around the value of accountability, transparency, participation, and inclusion remains less solid than enthusiasts wish.


Polish Democracy Promotion in Ukraine

Tsveta Petrova

Warsaw has supported reformers in Ukraine for years, but those efforts have been clouded by worries about Russia at times.


Is Modi Pro-Business or Pro-Consumer?

Milan Vaishnav, Suyash Rai
Live Mint

India should improve the ease of doing business, without picking winners, increasing protectionism, or compromising consumer protection.


The Reconstruction of Gaza

Yezid Sayigh

EU members should recognize Palestine as a nonmember state of the United Nations to revive the peace process. | عربي