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Seek a Truce in Syria

Yezid Sayigh

There is a rare opportunity to try to get the Syrian regime and rebels to stop fighting each other as an international coalition gears up to confront the Islamic State. | عربي


Ukraine Needs Money Not Arms

Eugene Rumer
Financial Times

Ukraine doesn’t need extra arms to fight a war it cannot win. It needs more economic aid.


China’s Debt Dilemma

Yukon Huang, Canyon Bosler

China’s economy is in for a bumpy ride. But with the right macroeconomic policies and structural reforms, the challenges should be manageable. | video


Give Diplomacy With Russia a Chance

Jack F. Matlock Jr., Thomas R. Pickering, James F. Collins
New York Times

The crisis over Ukraine has all but frozen official communication between the United States and Russia. It is time to reengage Russia diplomatically.


Qatar and the Recalibration of Power in the Gulf


Qatar wants to increase its influence and break free from Saudi Arabia’s orbit. But its miscalculations and domestic and international challenges make that difficult. | عربي


What Myanmar Means for the U.S.-Japan Alliance


The historic political and economic transition under way in Myanmar is a strategic opportunity for the United States and Japan.


Backdrop to an Intervention

Frederic Wehrey, David Bishop, Ala’ Alrababa’h

Egypt and its Gulf backers should stop meddling in Libya’s affairs under the guise of counterterrorism. It’s destabilizing both Libya and Egypt.


How NATO Reinvented Itself

Jan Techau
Strategic Europe

In less than six months, NATO has moved from crisis management to a fundamentally new defense posture.


Egypt, Counterterrorism, and the Politics of Alienation

Michele Dunne, Scott Williamson

Egypt may well be fueling terrorism at a faster pace than fighting it. U.S. officials should press for change.


Is the World Falling Apart?


Carnegie experts assess the instability around the world and today’s foremost geopolitical hotspots—it’s much-needed sober analysis during heady times.