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The Aftermath of the Jet’s Downing

Dmitri Trenin

An immediate ceasefire and independent inquiry into the Malaysia Airlines plane crash are necessary to reverse the trend toward mutual destruction in Ukraine.


How the Ukraine Crisis Will Impact Global Affairs


Great-power competition is back and it’s here to stay. Rivalry between Russia and the West comes with significant global implications.


Iraq Illusions

Jessica Tuchman Mathews
New York Review of Books

The burst of violence in Iraq, which has seemed to be all about religion and military developments, is actually mostly about politics. 


Five Myths About Hamas

Nathan J. Brown
Washington Post

Widespread myths about Hamas make it difficult for the West to accurately predict how Hamas is likely to act.


How to Break the Impasse Over Uranium Enrichment in Iran

George Perkovich
Washington Post

If negotiating parties agreed to help Iran stockpile fuel for the Bushehr nuclear power reactor, Tehran could focus on research and development not industrial-scale enrichment.


The BRICS Bank: Now Comes the Hard Part

Vikram Nehru

The BRICS bank is good news for developing countries. If done right, it could change the landscape for multilateral development financing. 


Egypt’s Media in the Midst of Revolution

Rasha Abdulla

Egypt continues to struggle with an authoritarian media sector and constraints on freedom of expression.


Exploring Uzbekistan’s Potential Political Transition


Who are the possible successors to President Islam Karimov and what will a transition mean for Uzbekistan? | Русский


Indonesia’s Maturing Democracy Faces Its Sternest Test

Vikram Nehru
Nikkei Asian Review

Current tensions will not only test Indonesia’s democratic institutions but also the democratic credentials of its leaders and their followers.


Taking Sides in Libya

Frederic Wehrey
International New York Times

There is a stark danger in backing a military strongman whose vague definition of terrorism includes nonviolent Islamist political groups. | عربي