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What the Gaza War Means for the Middle East


Carnegie experts assess how the crisis in Gaza will impact Palestinians, Israelis, and the rest of the Middle East.


Kerry in India

Milan Vaishnav
Deutsche Welle

Relations between India and the United States will rise and fall based on the performance of India’s economy.


What’s Behind Libya’s Spiraling Violence?

Frederic Wehrey
Washington Post

Absent a broad political compact, any future efforts to disarm the militias and impose a centralized security force on Libya’s fractured landscape are destined to fail.


The Seesaw Friendship Between the AKP and Muslim Brotherhood

Senem Aydın-Düzgit

Geopolitical realities have now trumped ideological kinship in relations between Turkey’s AKP and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.


Why Hasn’t Washington Talked to Putin?

Eugene Rumer
Boston Review

Imposing more sanctions on Russia and arming Ukraine will only prolong the crisis. There is no substitute for talks and compromise.


How the Ukraine Crisis Will Impact Global Affairs


Great-power competition is back and it’s here to stay. Rivalry between Russia and the West comes with significant global implications.


The Limits of ISIS’s Global Ambitions

Yezid Sayigh

The experiences of al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq demonstrate what ISIS can and cannot do. | عربي


How to Break the Impasse Over Uranium Enrichment in Iran

George Perkovich
Washington Post

If negotiating parties agreed to help Iran stockpile fuel for the Bushehr nuclear power reactor, Tehran could focus on research and development not industrial-scale enrichment.


The BRICS Bank: Now Comes the Hard Part

Vikram Nehru

The BRICS bank is good news for developing countries. If done right, it could change the landscape for multilateral development financing.