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Getting India Back on Track

Ashley J. Tellis
Live Mint

Progress in India requires a deep commitment to restoring the centrality of markets in economic decisionmaking.


The Roots of Crisis in Northern Lebanon


Syria’s civil war is helping destabilize the city of Tripoli and threatening other parts of Lebanon. But today’s challenges have plagued Lebanon since long before the Syrian uprising. | عربي


The Assad Regime: Winning on Points

Yezid Sayigh

The Assad regime is clawing its way back to a position of dominance in the Syrian conflict. But it can only maintain that position as long as the armed conflict endures. | عربي


Are the BRICS Irrelevant?

Pang Xun

While the collective economic power of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa may be waning, the political partnership remains strong. | 中文


Obama’s Quiet Priority in Japan: The East China Sea


Obama and Abe need to privately hammer out a coordinated response to a possible skirmish between Japan and China over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands. | video


Nuclear Zero After Crimea

George Perkovich
National Interest

Will history remember Obama’s Prague speech on nuclear weapons as tragic, farcical, or prophetic?


Erdoğan’s Pyrrhic Victory

Sinan Ülgen
Project Syndicate

Erdoğan’s triumph in local elections is unlikely to ameliorate the country’s internal conflicts, much less revive its tarnished international standing.


Egypt’s Judges Join the Crackdown

Nathan J. Brown, Michele Dunne
Foreign Affairs

Egypt’s judiciary sometimes acted as a brake on authoritarian impulses, but it has now joined the repression of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Should the United States Drop Its Oil Export Ban?

Deborah Gordon

Washington needs to carefully evaluate the impact of lifting the ban on crude oil exports. Making changes slowly will minimize market disruptions and price volatility.


What Are the Global Implications of the Ukraine Crisis?


Everything you need to know about how the Ukraine crisis will influence Putin’s next moves, European and U.S. interests, China’s stance, the Syrian war, and nuclear talks with Iran.