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Featured Analysis

Backdrop to an Intervention

Frederic Wehrey, David Bishop, Ala’ Alrababa’h

Egypt and its Gulf backers should stop meddling in Libya’s affairs under the guise of counterterrorism. It’s destabilizing both Libya and Egypt.


Hoping for an Unexpectedly Strong EU Foreign Policy Chief

Jan Techau
Strategic Europe

Why the world should hope the EU’s next foreign policy high representative will turn out to be stronger than national leaders want or expect.


Can Germany Save Ukraine?

Dmitri Trenin
National Interest

Berlin is critical to any future settlement of the Ukraine crisis.


Egypt, Counterterrorism, and the Politics of Alienation

Michele Dunne, Scott Williamson

Egypt may well be fueling terrorism at a faster pace than fighting it. U.S. officials should press for change.


The Hezbollah Phenomenon: Politics and Communication

Lina Khatib, Dina Matar, Atef Alshaer

How Hezbollah shapes its public image to appeal to different groups and legitimize its aims and ideology.


Is the World Falling Apart?


Carnegie experts assess the instability around the world and today’s foremost geopolitical hotspots—it’s much-needed sober analysis during heady times.  



A New Approach in the South China Sea

Vikram Nehru
Nikkei Asian Review

The United States and its Asian partners can encourage China to negotiate a peaceful settlement on territorial disputes.


Underestimating Oil and Water Challenges in the Northern Great Plains

Deborah Gordon, Katherine Garner

An oil production boom threatens water resources unless there is comprehensive management to mitigate risks. | video